Hello, Friend.

You’ve found us. The others just like you. The ones who carry the weight too. We are also the ones who carry the light.

Through our anxiety and depression, we’ve also discovered a strength in us. We know ourselves better, and understand others better. We do not pretend that what we face every day is anything less than a war -- a daily fight of will and suffering --, but we know how strong you are. How strong you have to be. And we are right by your side, holding your hand, as we all run into battle.

We are a blossoming online community of women finding the silver lining in our experience with anxiety and depression. We share our experiences, inspirations, articles, and lend our ears to each other. Some of us are friends, mothers, founders, creatives…

We are not doctors and we cannot offer psychological or pharmaceutical help or therapy. What we do offer is a private and safe place to reach out and connect with other women who want to share their story and end the stigma around these mental illnesses.

Do you suffer from anxiety and depression — the panic attacks, the nausea, sleep problems, uneasiness, fatigue, apathy, guilt, hopelessness?

Reach out. Grab on. There’s so much beauty in you , and we want to help you blossom.